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What is the Need for Ticker in Business School

What is the Need for Ticker in Business School

March 4, 2024 06:35
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A ticker is a unique combination of letters and numbers serving as a symbol, representing a specific stock or security listed on an exchange along with its current price and volume. This blog is about the need and importance of having ticker tapes in business school. The best business schools in every country now utilize Tickers in their school’s infrastructure. Reason - Business education institutions strive to provide students with academic excellence and practical insights into real-world market scenarios. Read the full blog to know everything about this game-changing device revolutionizing the corporate, retail, finance, sports, news, and education sectors, with live information.

Importance of LED Ticker Displays in Business School

LED stock tickers stream real-time data on stocks, cryptocurrencies, RSS feeds, commodities, and major stock indexes such as the S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite, and Dow Jones. Such live updates provide students with invaluable insights into market trends and dynamics, preparing them for the challenges of the financial sector in the best business schools. LED ticker displays not only enhance the beauty of the nearby surroundings but also create a sense of satisfaction and awe in the viewers' minds. Using flexible modules that can bend to fit different shapes, these displays smoothly show scrolling stocks, RSS news, cryptocurrencies, commodities, custom text, and attractive logos.

6 Standout Features of Tickers

  • Tailored for business school and trading labs.
  • Models range from premium to economical.
  • Displays are offered in various heights and widths.
  • Able to wrap circular, oval, and elliptical surfaces.
  • Seamless scrolling of live stocks on Stocks Ticker and news updates on News Ticker.
  • Its flexibility enhances the aesthetic appeal of the surrounding walls in schools and ensures an attractive visual experience for students and faculty alike.

Types of Shape Ticker Tapes Come In

  • Straight ticker tape.
  • L-shaped ticker tape.
  • Curved ticker tape.
  • Flexible ticker display.
  • Circular design ticker display.
  • Oval or Elliptical ticker display

Customization Options

  • Text Personalization: You can customize messages, announcements, or branding elements like the school's motto, displaying sponsor logos, etc.
  • Versatile Fonts and Colors: A variety of fonts and colors can be chosen to create visually appealing content.
  • Adjustable Scrolling Speeds: Can control the speed at which your messages scroll across the display for optimal readability.
  • Adaptability: It can easily adapt displays for different events, promotions, or educational purposes.
  • Better Communication: Utilize personalized texts for conveying important information, enhancing communication within the business school environment.

Educational Benefits and Practical Applications 

In addition to enhancing the visual appeal of business school environments, LED ticker tapes serve a crucial educational purpose in both the finance and news sectors. How? By displaying live broadcasts of global news on the news ticker, share prices, and fluctuations on the stock ticker. TickerPlay provides students with a glimpse into the realities of the financial market. Professors can utilize these scrolling LED displays to replicate real-time trading scenarios, allowing students to gain practical experience and insights into the share market world.


There's a solid need for Tickerplay to enhance business education by providing innovative solutions that bridge the gap between theory and practice. From creating lovely learning environments to offering real-time market insights, Tickerplay's LED stock ticker displays are essential tools for the best business schools to inspire and equip future leaders for success in the fast-paced finance world.


Q1. What is a stock ticker in finance?

Ans: It is a device that displays real-time information about the price and trading activity of publicly traded securities, including stocks and bonds. This symbol is crucial during trading activities, as trades are executed based on a company's ticker symbol. 

Q2. What is a ticker company?

Ans: A ticker company refers to a business entity whose stocks or securities are listed and traded on a stock exchange. 

Q3. What is a ticker tape in business?

Ans: It refers to the paper ribbon used for reporting and spreading stock quotes and trading widely during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Now, ticker tapes help investors get up-to-date information quickly displayed on LED ticker boards or screens. 

Q4. Why do companies use tickers?

Ans: They use it as a shorthand way to identify their stocks or securities on stock exchanges providing clear identification, especially when companies have similar names. This standardization has led to the use of suffixes for companies with multiple classes of shares listed and traded.

Q5. What does ticker mean in finance?

Ans: A digitally scrolling LED screen showing details about a stock, including its name, current value, available shares at that price, and whether it has gone up or down that day. It refers to the abbreviated symbol or code used to identify a particular security, such as a stock or bond, on a stock exchange displayed on electronic ticker boards, financial websites, and trading platforms.



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