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Things Everyone Should Display on Their Programmable LED Signage

Things Everyone Should Display on Their Programmable LED Signage

June 22, 2021 16:16

It is a well known fact that a well designed Programmable Led Sign  sure to boost the success quotient of your brand entity. Deploying a high resolution digital sign with the capability to draw the attention of busy people passing by is the perfect tool to get your brand the recognition it deserves. But the best tools also need to be backed by substance to yield desired results, right?

What to display on your programmable LED sign- Tips

Even though you may use bright colorful text in bold letters to showcase your information, just displaying your brand logo, time and weather forecast is not enough to get attention. To make your sign striking, do the following:

  • Whatever may be the information you choose to display, it needs to be ended with a prompting call to action. This especially works in favor of restaurants where placing an interesting call to action leads to an impulse decision. Most passersby get ready to enter a restaurant or buy a chocolate bar when they see a prompting call to action. It works just as well for a legal firm or any other kind of service. A call to action gives impetus to your message.
  • Programmable LED signs are programmable instantly. So, make use of this feature and change the text you display with respect to the time of the day. To connect with target customers, display a different message on your programmable led ticker tape for office goers during the day and change it up to connect with and engage as many potential customers during the evening. This is because a message that may work for a housewife may not work for an office employee returning from office at 6 in the evening. For a restaurant, it works best if you advertise breakfast and coffee in the morning and wholesome dishes during lunch and dinner hours.
  • If your programmable sign is placed on a roadway then never have it scroll. It defeats the purpose since drivers and passengers in vehicles will not be able to read 3 words of your message. Use the scrolling feature at places such as shopping malls or restaurants where commuters have the time to stand and read your information.
  • Avoid using difficult fonts and rather use simple and clear font to get your information across to viewers of your sign. This is because font styles that are too artsy can get quite difficult to read from far off distances.

Ideas for displaying information

What to display depends largely on the time and area where it is being displayed. If you are a stock trader then you would want your indoor led ticker display to show you the latest updates on stock. Follow the points below:

  • You need to display your business hours on your programmable led sign so that potential customers do not come to your doorstep only to find that your door is closed. This is extremely important for salons and restaurants. Display from what time to what time your salon or restaurant is open in bold letters and numbers.
  • Put your best foot forward. What is the most special item on your menu or your specialized legal service or one of a kind haircut? This special item or service is your USP to draw in potential customers. Flaunt it shamelessly and see the difference.
  • If you are offering a seasonal discount, a sale, or have happy hours in your food joint, make sure you display that on your programmable sign. It is for this very purpose that a programmable sign is programmable.

Follow these simple yet very effective steps and see the difference for yourself.

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