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Financial Ticker Tape: A New Sign Of Business Update

Financial Ticker Tape: A New Sign Of Business Update

June 22, 2021 16:16

We all love being up-to-date, whether it's social media or business, information is the most important thing. Thanks to the advent of modern technology, we have got some great solutions m LED stock ticker are one of such great inventions. They have advanced in terms of appearance and performance as compared to their predecessors. They are one of the most sought after products especially for the companies who are working in the finance sector or deal with shares and stocks. However, the use of ticker tapes is not restricted to displaying stock information rather they can be used in manufacturing units, offices, colleges, private investment firms, wealth management firms etc.

The earliest form of ticker tape was used as a stock ticker tape, these paper tapes ran through a machine called as LED financial ticker and were printed with the abbreviated names of the companies along with their share price.  Ticker tape got its name from the sound that the machine used to make while printing the information on the tapes.

These remain a popular medium to print and disseminate the information until there was a rise in the use of television and computers which made paper ticker tapes obsolete and have risen to the digitized version of ticker tapes.

Although televisions and computers modernized the mode of information broadcast, ticker tapes also continued its growth by evolving their format. Leaving behind the obsolete paper print, ticker tapes have now become digitized and come as stripes where information gets displayed based on real-time. This has made it more useful and at the same time, it has equalled the speed of information broadcast on television and computers.

The LED stock ticker tapes are popularly used for streaming live information related to stocks commodities, bonds, world indices, currencies etc. Moreover, you can also integrate the RSS feeds, live sports update and news in between, thus, making it a complete information solution provider.

The most striking feature of Led stock ticker tape is that they can be customised in different shapes, some of the popular types available in the market include the following:

  • Linear/ Straight
  • U Shape
  • L Shape
  • O Shape
  • C Shape
  • They can be customized as per the demand of your project.

Key feature of ticker tapes:

Ticker tapes are known for its robustness and customizable feature but what makes them even more worthy includes the following:

  • Weather-proof
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in one -colour, two- colour and three-color display
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used 24*7 error free
  • Ensures clear visibility even from a longer distance
  • Energy efficient
  • Vandal free

Reading a stock ticker tape

A stock ticker tape is filled with a lot of jargons which is specific to the stock market and here we will be decoding the stock ticker tape for you.

Ticker Symbol This tells the name of the company
Shares Traded Volume of the trade being done wherein K = 1,000, M = 1 million and B = 1 billion
Price Traded Price of the share
Change Direction It shows whether the price of a particular share going up or down.
Change Amount Difference in the price from the previous day.

Multi-faceted application –

Apart from what it was previously known for, ticker tapes now used as used for displaying information at manufacturing unit, display temperature and weather conditions, can be used in hospitals, airports, the stock market, even in school and colleges. The customizable feature of these ticker tapes has proven to be very helpful to display and update of information and they continue to be an integral part of keeping the business up-to-date.

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