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Stock Ticker Display: Overview, History, and Functional Highlights

Stock Ticker Display: Overview, History, and Functional Highlights

November 11, 2022 04:56
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If you have sometimes watched a financial network or browsed a stock market website or portal, then you might have an idea of what a stock ticker is. You might have noticed that security prices, especially of stocks are often on the move. A stock ticker is actually a report concerning the price of certain securities which is constantly updated throughout the trading session by different market exchanges. A tick is a change in the security price regardless of the nature of the movement – up or down. 


stock market display ticker displays these ticks as well as other crucial pieces of information. This information is used by traders and investors to stay alert and well-informed about the latest trading conditions in the market, and take decisions accordingly. 


Some functional highlights of the ticker displays 


  • A stock ticker puts on display the transaction and price data concerning a particular security
  • It keeps updating itself continuously throughout the trading sessions
  • A stock ticker displays the reports on the most active securities
  • It displays the securities that grab the headlines on a given day
  • It displays the ticker symbol and the price change
  • It also displays the percentage change from the previous session's close
  • Some tickers also color code the given information so that they can reflect the direction of the price. 


Origins of the Stock Ticker


The history of the ticker tapes dates back to the year 1876 when the first telegraphic ticker was created by Edward Calahan - an employee of the American Telegraph Company. Immediately after the time of 4 years, the great scientist and inventor of human history, Thomas Edison took Calahan's invention to the next level and patented it. As a result, mechanical tickers came into existence getting printed on paper through the use of machines. All these developments made the flow of information more effective and efficient. With the rapid evolvement in technology, the dissemination got faster nearing real-time, as visible contemporarily. 


The ticker tape machines were introduced in the year 1930, then more advancement was made to them in the year 1964. But the main problems with them were the delay of around 20 minutes between the time the information was recorded and the time of the transaction. And, finally, it was the year 1996 when a real-time electronic ticker was developed and launched. Now, people started watching the price and volume in real-time on television channels, websites, and other live mediums.  


Understanding Stock Tickers


During any given period, a limited number of stocks get displayed on the stock ticker because a large number of stocks are in the trade process at the same time. It is often observed that the stocks with the biggest change in price in comparison to the last session appear on the stock ticker. You might have seen a stock ticker on the channel of a financial news network scrolling by at the bottom. The concerned ticker provides information concerning the following:


  • Certain stocks
  • Ticker symbol (the one-to-four-letter code reflecting a particular stock)
  • A quantity traded (volume for each transaction)
  • Price, a green "up" arrow in case the price goes higher
  • The previous day's closing value
  • A red "down" arrow in case the price goes lower, and
  • The net price change from the previous day's close. 


In case the price remains unchanged, the arrow might also be gray or even absent. Generally, the ticker symbol as well as the net price change gets a color-coded display (green) in case the price goes higher and red if the price goes down. These days, you can see stock tickers on a wide range of mediums including financial news channels, websites that deal with financial transactions, and various other trading applications and platforms. All these platforms let you watch the real-time stock information on the fully customized tickers that can even be displayed on your personal computer. 


In contemporary times, paper ticker tape is used only to serve some symbolic purposes. Still, these tapes live on in the digitally connected world providing the public with the latest price information on the stock market. 


Today, these ticker displays have become the order of the day to display live feeds for financial information, sports, or even news. They are well-known for making unique design components of any information they display. Consumers belonging to different segments can get up-to-the-minute information from them as and when they want. This is the reason you can see them everywhere, be it a school, university, bank, casino, or stadium.  


Ticker displays have become one of the most prominent mediums of marketing these days. Even the smallest ventures these days are moving to tickers for spreading information about their products and services. Since these tickers run on LED lights, they just smell electricity and perform their functionalities very well with no heavy bills. They are available in a wide range of colors and shades to grab the attention of onlookers. These days, there are ticker providers in the market who are offering fully customized ticker solutions as per the nature of your business or any other activity you are involved in. 


Concluding Remarks 


Founded on essential values and ethics, Tickerplay Systems is a pioneering entity in the field of high-quality LED tickers. The LED ticker tapes provided by the company can be used on any suitable surface. Tickerplay has always been conscious of the significance of maintaining excellent customer connections right since its inception. The company’s team has a passion for customer satisfaction and creativity. The team has been formed by hiring people from top universities across the globe. The team always aims at bringing a degree of professionalism to their work technique approach. It has always been the customers’ preferred ticker provider due to the following factors:


  • Best-in-class after-sales and service assistance
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Experienced team members who go beyond the call of duty in whatever they do, and
  • An incredible capability to develop reliable products and custom solutions.


Today, be it sports ticker for home, stock ticker display for home, or simply stock market display, Tickerplay Systems scores very heavily over its rivals on each and every parameter. 

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