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‘Weather Report’ Have Something For Stock Market

‘Weather Report’ Have Something For Stock Market

June 22, 2021 16:16

The stock market is filled with lots of ups and downs which are very similar , just like the weather, it is very difficult to predict the stock market. , both of them face the impact of changing conditions and requires different to and methods to predict the changes.  A similar tool designed to predict the stock market  changes is Investment Climate Indicator, which gauges the market health and a report is prepared using the same analysis.  The investment calculators take into account different indicators into a single indicator which is tracked monthly.

ICI or Investment Climate Calculator

ICI is prediction of market condition based on analysis , the market condition is sub-divided into the following types:

  • Sunny
  • Partly Sunny
  • Overcast
  • and Stormy

Each condition has a specific personality and is a step above the basic ,”bull market/bear market”.

We have often heard the market conditions goes like bull and bear but the ICI or Investment Climate Indicator goes beyond this. It takes into consideration various market scenarios and prepares the investment scenario of the stock market.

Here is a brief summary about ICI or Investment Climate Calculator:

As per the study conducted on ICI, market spends most of the time in the Sunny zone.

Just like the weather, the stock market also moves from sunny to partly sunny zone then overcast and finally stormy.

The partly sunny conditions indicate that stock market is going to enter a bad phase. As per ICI , the market has to complete the cycle which means that the market has to go complete the cycle from sunny to stormy. You cannot expect the market to move reverse from partly sunny to sunny similar to weather conditions.  Although10% correction is expected .

However,  the ICI is not a foolproof tool to predict the market conditions.  It is just a way to predict the stock market condition, just like weather changes and fluctuation some fluctuations of the result are expected in Investment Climate Indicator.

A helpful marketing strategy

Having a proper understanding of stock market helps in strategizing investment and formulates the market scenario. It also gives an idea about the benefits that will read by investing in a specific market condition. Moreover, the ICI is helpful to predict the right time for market investment.

Similar to ICI there are various tools that help in displaying market status, the conditions of stock . The stock ticker tape or LED ticker tapes have been designed specifically to display the stock market information and update it regularly.

What is ticker tape?

They are digital ticker tapes in the form of horizontal or vertical strips displaying various information with the aid of LED. The stock ticker tapes are highly customizable and can be used to display various information like the stock market, temperature, weather conditions etc.

Key features of ticker tape:

  • Highly customizable
  • Can be used to display multiple information
  • Can be in single color, two color or three color format
  • Clear visibility from a long distance
  • Energy efficient
  • Weatherproof
  • Updates information with minimum time lag
  • Cost-effective

Ticker tapes have become an integral part of many offices across the globe especially when it comes to brokerage houses or financial institution. The growing importance of digital ticker display can be seen by its placement in universities offering finance courses. They are helpful in creating a real-life stock market condition to help the student understand the basic of financial concepts.

Our Role:

Ticker play has been in the business of manufacturing ticker tapes using the most advanced technologies. We have catered to the requirement of clients of all stature from SMEs to big corporate houses. If you wish to place one of our products in your office, get in touch with us today.

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