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The Stadium Impresses With Led One Has Stepped Inside

The Stadium Impresses With Led One Has Stepped Inside

June 22, 2021 16:16

LILLE EURO 2016 stadium

Lille is an extremely sports-oriented city as a consequence of its excellent amenities. It will swarm four of the group matches of Euro 2016, opening with Germany versus Ukraine on 12 June – as well as one of the group playoffs and one of the quarter-finals. The stadium is the abode of LOSC Lille Metropole, which played in French football’s first division; inaugurated as the Grande Stade. The stadium impresses before one have even stepped inside.


The external features a media façade measuring 20m high and 120m wide, made from magic Weave LED mesh from Traxon. This contains 70,000 pixels and features three dissimilar resolution areas: a high-resolution area for live videos, medium for a scrolling ticker display, and low for displaying graphics or creating lighting moods. More bizarrely, it has a retractable roof, consisting of four panels, which can be congested in 16 minutes.


And, exclusively among European stadiums, one-half of the pitch can be raised on hydraulic lifts and stacked on a peak of the other half. This exposes a lower level area, with added seating, that can be used for supplementary sports such as tennis, and basketball (including part of Euro Basket 2015), as well as for concerts. The stadium seats 20,500 people at the lowest level, 7,400 in the heart section and 22,500 in the crown section. The whole capacity of around 50,000 makes this the fourth largest of the ten Euro 2016 stadiums


The AV installation was conceded out by Lille-based Manganelli  Technology, with the wiring handled by Furculum, a subsidiary of main contractor Eiffage. The major sound system around the stadium bowl comprises of Electro-Voice weather-resistant Sx600 PIX loudspeakers.  These are sky-scraping speakers that provide high lucidity.  Each cabinet features a dual-element 12in perpendicular line array and an integrated 600W inner transformer for running on low-voltage systems.  According to Oliver Sahm, director, advertising application design at EVI Audio, this model has been installed at six other stadiums in France.

The CCTV system is incorporated with the stadium’s access control system. In an environment where up to date information is essential, LED ticker tape displays can provide a continuous stream of information directly sourced from relevant websites. Typically applications would be financial and commodity trading floors and newsroom, where traditionally LED ticker display application are used to scroll the information continuously over the display.

Utility Of AV Technology

The key to achieving this is audio-visual (AV) technology is structuring credibility and proving the efficacy of your product or service as effectively as possible. Considering the average attention span is just eight seconds, salespeople need efficient tools to alter the way they converse and work together with prospects, patrons, and colleagues. AV technology allows your sales group to:

  • Create a strong first impression through real-time interaction.
  • Build confidence by presenting the impact a product or service can have.
  • Make a more memorable impact using multimedia instead of a conventional or run-of-the-mill approach.
  • Accelerate the sales cycle—and close more deals—through more efficient presentations, pitches, conversations.
  • Carve up interactive and enriching demos and displays to boost conversion rates.

By embracing AV solutions like video conferencing, collaboration and presentation tools, your sales team will have the flexibility to sell more and serve better.

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