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How Stock Ticker Tape Helpful for Investors and Brokers

How Stock Ticker Tape Helpful for Investors and Brokers

June 22, 2021 16:16

The stock market is one of the most dynamic markets which are changing every minute and in order to match up with the pace at which this is changing it's important to have a tool that can disseminate information quickly and also keeps it up-to-the-minute. The stock ticker tape are the best way to know about the updates in the stock market.

History of Stock Ticker Tape-

Well, stock tapes have long been used, although not in the similar format but yes they have now developed in their appearance and performance. The earlier forms have paper strips on which the information of stocks and their status was predicted, however, with the evolution of time, they have completely transformed and now they work in real time.

All the stocks and bond information as and when they change it gets represented on the stock ticker tapes.These Led ticker tape are illuminated with LEDs and they are available in either single colour, two colour format. However, they can be customised as you like.

Key Features of Stock Tapes:-

The stock ticker tapes come with myriads of features and customizable features making it quite popular. Some of the prominent features to look for while buying a stock ticker includes the following:

  • They have a weatherproof coating, thus you can easily install it outdoors without worrying about it getting affected.
  • They have a robust and sturdy design making it last long and free from vandalism.
  • Since they are highly efficient and are made up of strong metal, they last long and require lesser maintenance.
  • They can be easily run 24*7 and are highly energy efficient.
  • A good quality Stock ticker tapes come with bright LEDs which are even visible from a longer distance.

Reading a stock ticker tape

Often while watching television you would have seen that there is a long strip running on your television or you would have seen such horizontal bars displaying various information in the stock market, these are the stock ticker tapes displaying information about the stock market , here we have simplified the stock ticker tapes jargon with the following example:

Ticker Symbol This tells the name of the company

Shares Traded

Volume of the trade being done wherein K = 1,000, M = 1 million and B = 1 billion
Price Traded Price of the share
Change Direction It shows whether the price of a particular share going up or down.
Change Amount Difference in the price from the previous day.

Places of Application

Stock Ticker tapes find myriads of application not only in the stock market but also in schools and colleges where they are being used to create an ambience of the stock market to teach students about the market and how it works.

Some of the common places where you can find stock tapes include the following:

  • Stock Market
  • Wealth investment firms
  • Banks
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Universities
  • Wealth management firms

Furthermore, these stock ticker tapes can be integrated with RSS feeds, new updates, live sports update etc. to make it more interesting and entertaining for the people to watch.

As the time has evolved, the companies have also tried to modify the stock ticker tapes in various formats and this makes them a highly customizable product. Depending on the space availability, you can get the stock ticker tapes altered and use them accordingly.

Some of the common types of stock ticker tapes available in the market include the following:

  • Linear/ Straight
  • U-Shape
  • L-Shape
  • O Shape
  • C Shape

So, don’t wait anymore, if you really wish to keep yourself updated and want to make the most of the stock market, these are a must for you.

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