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Stock Market Ticker Tape for Stock Exchange Update

Stock Market Ticker Tape for Stock Exchange Update

June 22, 2021 16:16

The earlier paper strip containing the alphabetic symbols of company name followed by numeric stock transaction price which runs through a machine. As there are vast changes in technologies, the paper strip is converted with the LED ticker tapes.

Stock Ticker Displays:

LED Stock Tickers display is an important tool to display the changes in the financial market conditions. Some organizations, schools, banks and brokerage firms use ticker to clause the latest market activity. LED displays shows the different type of financial data which include; Stocks, World Indices, Commodities, Bonds and Currencies.

Stock Ticker Tape was the earliest electronic format that transmits the stock prices across telegram lines. They use the paper strip to display the stocks. But with the change in technology, LED display has replaced the paper strips. LED Stock ticker display is a LED strip that shows crisp information i.e. stock market data, news headlines, twitter feed etc. These LED Stock tickers not only used to show the textual information but also used to display small size images and animations of special occasions.

Why Should Traders Not Forget the Art of Ticker Tape Reading?

The art of tape reading is challenging.  This art is not learned overnight, if you dedicate your time to learn you will become able to recognize. Prior to the invention of the modern computer, the trade reading is done by watching the trades posted on a ticker tape. As the huge change in the technology replaces the ticker tape with the electronic tape we see today on the bottom of the television screen. Thus the art of reading the tape analysis has appeared into data mining and analyzing the vast amount of numbers displayed on financial websites such as yahoo. One can only able to read the Stock ticker tape if they have the knowledge of earlier ticker tape. There are many modern ways introduced to read the tape for instance; tape speed, if the speed is faster this means selling down etc.

Real Time Financial Statistics on Screen:

With the invention of LED Financial Ticker, it becomes possible that one can see the real-time financial statistics on the screen. Every business measures information, turnover, expenditure, profit but these often information snapshots of last month or last quarter, this is not real time information. But with the growth and development of Internet, huge methods of information sharing at the real time become available. Nowadays, one can easily check the real-time financial statistics on their android Smartphone screen by using applications such as LED ticker. Real-time statistics gives the correct and present information regarding the financial stocks.

Live Ticker tape in Presentation Mode:

Although these live ticker tapes are useful for anyone to show their company’s stock. There is some problem while adding ticker tape effect in presentation applications. One can split the screen and use the separate web page on the bottom for the same. But this technique is not much effective; Instead of this, you can use a projector.

How Stock Market Ticker Tape is Beneficial for Market Updates on Price:

Stock market ticker tape helps to read the price per share for the particular trade. Quotes of stock exchange are scrolled across the screen. Any update regarding market price i.e. rise and fall in the market price is continually scrolled across the screen. These tapes show the real-time financial statistics.

Reading the Ticker Tape:

The ticker tape contains some quotes to deliver the information regarding stock price. These all symbols continually scroll over the screen showing present, real-time financial statistic and any delay in data. The brief description of the quotes is as:

MSFT (Ticker Symbol): The MSFT is used for Microsoft. This ticker symbol is used to represent the unique alphabet or character to identify the company name whose stock price is going to be displayed.

5K @ (Shares Traded): This symbol share traded is used for the volume of the trade going to be displayed. K is used to represent 1000, M is for Million and B is for Billion.

 61.25 (Price Traded): This represents the price of particular shares; mostly this shows the last bid price.

Arrow (Change Direction): This represents any change in the stock as compare to the previous day. Either stock is trading higher or lower than the previous. Different colour helps to recognize the change. The Red colour indicates that the stock is falling in price than the previously closed stock. Green colour indicates the stock is rising as compare to previous closed. And white or blue means the stock is similar to the previous closing stock price. There is no change in the stock price till now.

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