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Pound Gains Ground In Reprieve From Brexit Making Dollar Parity By End Of 2016

Pound Gains Ground In Reprieve From Brexit Making Dollar Parity By End Of 2016

June 22, 2021 16:16

EU or European Union is a partnership that bonds 28 countries, politically and economically. EU was set up after the World War 2 as countries decided that existing in harmony is possible when there are no disputes over trades.

The EU also has its own currency which is used by approximately 19 member countries. Along with having its own parliament, the European Union also set rules pertaining to many areas including, consumer rights, transport, environment and even mobile phone charges.

One of the major places that would be impacted when it comes to Brexit is the international stock market. With trade relations with almost every country, Brexit has already created a stir at the stock markets with the pound’s value hitting an all-time low in the last 31 years.

The impact on the global market

Nothing can be said about the impact that Brexit will have on international stock market in the coming years. It will take time for everything to settle down and cement the way the whole arrangement will work out.

Following the Friday after the referendum took place, the stock market went for a dip worldwide which was associated with the decline in economy that Brexit would lead to. In just two days after the referendum, Sterling was reported with an all time low from $1.50 against the US dollar to just $1.33. Many economists are already predicting that the Brexit might plunge UK into recession in the long run.

Not only UK, but the rubbles of this aftermath were felt all over the world. While France’s CAC went down by 8%, Japan’s Nikkei index has also hit an all time low since 2011. This has sent entire Asia’s stock market in uncertainty.

Even the wall street is facing the impacts of UK’s referendum. Other areas which will face a fall are the oil prices and the commodities. With the stock market becoming uncertain and every political party reacting to the Brexit issue, the prices in oil will also face the brunt. While it may not be clear on the surface as to how Brexit could impact oil prices, there is a relation between the two. The uncertainty surrounding UK and the EU markets after Brexit will be a major cause of contention for the investors of the global markets.

The decline in the value of pound and euro will also strengthen the value of pound which was never a good sign for the oil prices. However, investors of gold had a reason to rejoice as the price for gold went up by $1,315 an ounce which was 4.7% more compared to the earlier prices of gold.

Necessity of a stock ticker

The stock ticker has been reportedly fluctuating since UK decided to leave the EU. Since the entire world’s currency is heavily dependent on UK’s pound – world’s strongest currency before Brexit, keeping an eye on the fluctuating trends in the stock market is extremely important. The stock ticker displays all the information that are constantly on a flux related to the stock market. A stock ticker works on ticks, which it displays whenever there is a change in the price of the stock market.

There are innumerable stocks changing at the same time, so the stock ticker only displays those values which have changed significantly compared to the previous day’s value of the stock. The more advanced version of the stock ticker is the LED ticker. It has been used in various industries and stock markets are already using these tickers to keep a keen eye on the ever changing values of the stock. The time that the entire world is going through is very bleak and it will definitely have a huge impact on value of every stock market exchange right from Sterling to Wall Street and in these times, a good stock ticker is absolutely essential. A glitch in the stock ticker could mean a huge loss for the company and the investors. The ticker tapes are always useful and if one wants to stay updated on the stock market, then the ticker tapes are the one thing to watch out for. They cannot be ignored as Brexit goes on to be a major swirl for the international market.

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