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Post Brexit, The FTSE Has Hit The Buffers Today

Post Brexit, The FTSE Has Hit The Buffers Today

June 22, 2021 16:16

The Financial Times Stock Exchange of 100 Index, also identified the FTSE 100 Index, or the FTSE 100, FTSE, or, casually, the "Footsie"   is a divided index of the 100 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange with the chief market capitalization. It is observed as a measure of prosperity for the businesses synchronized by the UK company law. The index is preserved by the FTSE Group, a supplementary of the well known London Stock Exchange Group.

The index commenced on the day of 3 days of January of the year 1984 at the bottom level of 1000; the uppermost closing value attained to date is 7103.98 on the day of 27 days of April in the year 2015, when the Stock ticker was running gung ho. The earlier peak was over 15 years before, on the very last trading day of 1999, throughout the dot-com bubble.  After falling throughout the financial crisis of  the 2007-2010 to below 3500 in the month of  March 2009, the ticker tape showed doomed market status, however,  the index recovered to  the highest point of  the 6091.33 on  the 8 February of 2011, fell below the 5000 Stock Ticker mark on the morning of the day of 23 September of the year  2011, but achieved its record high on the market close of the day of 27 April  of 2015, more than doubling-up in worth from the crash in the year 2009.  It then went into a bear market, closing at the 5537 on the day of 11 February of the year 2016.

No single market entry for the UK after Brexit  

It was a comparable picture in the region of the world. As investors responded to the cocktail of the concerns by plunging of the stocks for the bonds, Wall Street was down noticeably at the time of the London close. In the Germany the Dax stock Ticker Tape showed index falling down by 2.5% on the day as well as France’s Cac 40 was down 2.2%.

In a mark of all investors’ nervousness, gold prices rose up to three-week high. The valuable metal has long been observed as a secure investment in uncertain times as well as in the last week the gold has raised up to 2% to the $1,269.8 an ounce. Gold was once again the savior of a lot of investors in the market after the stock market plunged.

For the stock markets, worries regarding the 23 June referendum compounded fears of a worldwide economic slowdown, falling oil prices as well as next week’s Federal Reserve meeting on the US interest rates. The FTSE 100 index of the blue-chip stocks suffered its main one-day drop since the mid-February and it closed down by 1.9% at the point of 6,115.8. The Financial Ticker was kept busy throughout the day as the investors were wary of the Brexit results.

Well known Economists supposed that the gold price emerged to be tracking the odds of the Brexit. Other kinds of commodities were also being predisposed by the forthcoming poll. On numerous government bonds, the yields are at the present in the pessimistic territory, which denotes that the investors are officially paying for the privilege of lending to the government. It will take some time for the stock market as well as the investors to return back to normalcy and restart their business with same vigor again.

In Germany, yields on the 10-year “Bunds” went down to a fresh record low on Friday of 0.022% with an assumption that  they could hit zero and  perhaps it may even immerse into the red cordon. However, after this turmoil, the market is returning back to its regular capacity. But, even then the recovery is slow. The investors have no concern for its slow revival as they know that the trough is over and the stock market will soar again, albeit after some time.

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