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Led Ticker Tapes and Stock Ticker Display

Led Ticker Tapes and Stock Ticker Display

June 22, 2021 16:16

Ticker tape was one of the earliest medium of digital communication mostly seen in the market of stocks, was a replacement to the conventional stock ticket that ran a paper strip through a machine that printed the company name, and the stock values. The paper tickers were on the verge of extinct during the late 1950’s when television and computers were making their move into the world. The first Ticker tape was introduced in the year 1867 which was primarily used as telegraph service to pass the information on an individual basis. This ticket tape was a similar kind of the type writer that used keys to print the information. Led tickers have been a fantastic means of presenting all kinds of information. The elite look of the scrolling text on a LED ticker tape can turn a dullest room to a brighter one.

LED ticket tape is basically a type of tape that uses an array of LED to display a certain piece of information in form of text, picture or even graphic. The array of LED consists of four LED made as a set together. In the four LEDs, there is a pair of red LEDs pair diagonal to each other, blue and green placed at the other corners of the square set of the LEDs. The set together is used when an information of type graphic needs to be displayed else the specific color can be used to display the information. For example, the destination signs used in public transport system employs a single color LED array to display the information. However, the stock tickers are now a common sight even on the television screen during the business news bulletin. The LED stock ticker tape has been part of tremendous change in concept of financial studies and analysis.

The stock ticker display generally is occupied with two monochromes to notify the news. The green highlighted LEDs exhibit the benefited stocks while the red highlighted LEDs act as the non-benefited stocks. The stock ticker tapes have been successful on the walls of the share market and its influence dragged people to use the same in finance labs of universities, schools, and also in management colleges. The general concept of the variable stock ticker made its way to be adopted in the election polls also to display concrete and spontaneous information. The stage of ticker has also been carried into the boundaries of Banks and also the financial institutions where people have their fingers crossed regarding the latest currencies fluctuations and stock prices. Generally, the text hovers from right to left across the screen while displaying text over the tape. In countries like Australia and UK, these LED ticker Tapes have been employed in the forecast of various other notifications like warning on school closure.

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