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Emergent Capital Announces Recapitalization with PJC Investment

Emergent Capital Announces Recapitalization with PJC Investment

June 22, 2021 16:16

Emergent Capital, declared it has come into into separate contracts with PJC Investments, LLC, a Texas limited Obligation Company, and almost 91% of the Company's adaptable note owners to recapitalize the Company.

Under the contracts, PJC and definite other parties have decided to certain activities, including: PJC or its designee purchasing many in shares of the Concern's common stock; the issuance to PJC  of a permit to acquisition up to a certain amount in shares of the Company's common stock; rearrangement the Company's remaining senior secured notes and unsafe convertible notes to decrease their interest rates and to outspread their maturities; PJC (or its designee) acquiring up to 100% of the Company's Fresh Senior Secured Records from holders thereof; and the Company delivering up to an additional principal amount of Fresh Senior Secured Records to PJC. Moreover, subject to definite terms and conditions, the adaptable note holders will have the chance to purchase up to some amount of the Company's common stock.

About Emergent Capital, Inc.

Emergent Capital is a domain finance company that finances in life settlements. More info about Emergent can be found at their website.

About PJC Investments, LLC.

PJC Investments is an active and operating holding concern with interests in a variation of businesses including real estate, transportation, retail hearing healthcare, construction, life settlements, pharmaceuticals, and a widely diverse group of another holding.

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