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Eliminate Future Financial Worries By Following These 10 Money Management Tips

Eliminate Future Financial Worries By Following These 10 Money Management Tips

June 22, 2021 23:16

Why we need financial planning?

We need financial planning to invest our funds in most profitable option that can get us maximum return. We need this to save money for some unexpected situation or any type of financial crises that may happen.

When we should start the Retirement plan? 

Retirement is the time where we have to leave our job unconditionally forever and to rely either on pensions or on various savings. This raises need to invest funds at the right time.

How the Market Is Helpful In Financial Growth

Find some of the best money management plans that would perform better in the year 2016. Below are a few investment plans that are worth considering but then before investment you need to know about their features, the risks involved in them and also their suitability. Further keep your eye on financial stock ticker for getting more details on behaviour of various stock options.

Below are some of the best money management plans of 2016-

1. Investment in IPOs 

IPOs stands for initial public offer, and this could happen to be the best deal when you are a beginner in this field. These initial public offers have given 65% of returns to the investors. You can consider investing in initial public offer for the best investment plan has now become a favourite of many. In many cases it is seen that the stock appreciated up to 106% in quite less time. You must invest in a perfect initial public offer and avoid investing in small SME initial public offer that keep coming up but do not offer desirable performance.

2. Pharma Funds

Second best investment plan is investment on pharma funds. It can give you a return of up to 20-25% in one year. Although they are highly risky but they are high yielding investments and investing some of the portfolio in it may offer good returns. Invest in SBI pharma fund to get the best bet.

3. Investment in various largecap types of funds

Invest in mutual funds with SIP. This has been the top investment plan. Several large cap funds such as ICICI Pru blue chip fund, Franklin India Blue Chip Funds, Quantum long term mutual funds are viable options. Some of the other good plans include HDFC Top-200 mutual fund, Birla SL Front Line Equity. For diversified funds you can check out UTI MNC Fund, Reliance Equity Opps Funds.

4. Investment in IT sector 

IT sector has been performing quite well when rupee value has depreciated and the US economy has grown. Some of the technology funds give substantial returns of 65% and that too within a span of one year. You can invest in ICICI Prutech Fund, Franklin Protech Fund.

5. Investment upon Tax Free bonds

Several tax free bonds have been issued where NHB is the high rated bond offering a return of 9.01%. On the other hand banks offer 9% interest that is taxable. There are several tax free bonds offering high returns and they offer higher return than tax free bonds that offered 9% returns. You can consider investing in tax free bonds.

6. Secured NCD

Investment in secured NCD can also be considered.  Secured NCDs are generally backed up by receivables and also company’s assets. You can secure principal and interest.

7. Investment in Gold

For long term investment you must consider investing in gold. Invest on Gold ETFs for good returns.

8. Real estate investment

Real estate prices are growing daily. Hence, one invests in real estates. With REITs investment coming into execution you can save small amount as you have been doing through SIP mutual funds.

9. PPF Investment

It is in fact the best investment option for the time of retirement. Investment on various types of PPF can be made up to the amount of 1lac in a year and you get a tax exemption of up to 8.5% interest free tax at the time of maturity.

10. Find the best investment plan:

The best investment or money management plan must be chosen as per the financial situation and resources. Thus, now you can choose the best investment plan as per your financial situation and resources.

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