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Electronic Led Signs as Stock Ticker Tape

Electronic Led Signs as Stock Ticker Tape

June 22, 2021 16:16

A Ticket can generally refer to as a horizontal piece of board to display the news content (primarily). News tickets have an important role to put in the market of stocks. The LED tickets have been predominantly used till late 90’s but these have now been replaced with the television news tickers in various news channels. Also these tickets had an effective role in the broadcasting of the weather conditions and also election results. The technology had always been employing a rectangular piece of board embedded with LED bulbs in it. Most tickers are traditionally displayed in the form of scrolling text running from right to left across the screen or building display allowing for headlines of varying degrees of details. A red-LED ticker is common sight on the gates of the Stock markets. Generally, the information other than the stock list, like the logos and patterns are also a common sight on the tickers.

The earlier periods that in the early age of electronics Tickers were manually operated ones. For Example; if we had to watch Cricket games that were played in the early second half of 1900, the score board was updated manually and there was no display of the Score in a bigger screen. This is contracting scenario nowadays, there is wide screen powered with the LED Technology which not only displays the score but also plays and replays the on-going game at the pitch. There is a similar situation with the LED Stock Ticker also, this was initially updated manually. But in the later stages, this became automated with the help of the Electronic LED Tapes. The Electronic LED bulbs embedded in the Tape boards have not only transformed the means of the news but also have made the broadcasting cost economical. There is quite a good movement of people in the usage of Electronic LED signs. In current day situation, even televisions are embedded with LED Technology which uses a group of 3 LEDs together (generally a combination of blue, red and green). We often tend to sight the change in trend of the stocks through a graph in newspapers but the Electronic LED Ticker Tape enables this happen on the walls of the Stock Offices through a bigger display associating a wide range of spectators.

The Stock ticker Tape initially was only of a single color but now we are able witness a good figure of upgrade in the color schema of the Stock ticker. This change has made people more confident in figuring out their vision and also sensing the update. There is huge scope of transformation in the transfer of information in various aspects using the technology of Electronic LED signs and stocks information is no exception.

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