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Displaying Real-Time Information with LED Ticker Tapes

Displaying Real-Time Information with LED Ticker Tapes

June 22, 2021 16:16

There are plenty of places in the world which need real-time information to be displayed within minutes. Not only the information has to be accurate but if they are not displayed within a few minutes, it will lose its value.

LED displays or what we call the light emitting displays are helpful for achieving the above mentioned task. LED displays are used for various applications and one such application is LED news ticker tape.

Why ticker tapes?

People who are constantly checking the update on the stock exchange must be aware of the term ticker tape. Ticker tapes are one of the oldest forms of digital electronic communications medium. Like the olden times, even today, ticker tapes are heavily used in the stock exchange market and other places as well.

However, the normal ticker tapes have got an upgrade in the form of LED stock ticker display. These are the same small green and red values with the arrow signs which can be seen on the NYSE building or any other major stock exchange firm.

The stock ticker tapes generally relay information in precise manner which means that a company’s name is abbreviated and then the stock price or any other number is laid beside it. Not only stock exchange markets, but the ticker tapes also find use on the finance TV channels where the constant streaming of the real-time values of the stock takes place.

If you are still not sure why LED stock tickers are still used, then the reason is pretty simple and clear. Stock market usually relays information about numbers and other such details. Moreover, when it comes to displaying information in any form, people generally get bored within a few seconds.

However, a LED ticker display has plenty of colours and lights to ensure that the dullness of the information is removed.

The content of the LED ticker display can vary from a minute number to a very important information. Moreover, due to advanced technology there are different kinds of types of LED ticker tapes coming up in the market every day.

To name a few, there are:

  • Transparent LED ticker tape
  • Fixed LED ticker tape
  • Flexible LED ticker tape

Other places where people can easily find a ticker tape is a sports room or a stadium where it is used to display the live scores of the contending teams. When it comes to LED ticker tapes, it is all about having the accurate device as the real-time information cannot be wrong.

Thus, it becomes paramount to buy ticker tapes from only those companies which have been manufacturing the ticker tapes since a long time. Also, ticker tapes should be used according to the information. Like a static ticker tape is best suited for a place where information doesn’t flow in every second unlike a RSS feed where the news from all around the world is updated within minutes. Ticker tapes have come a long way with LED ticker tapes being the best device in today’s world.

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