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Check The Ranges Of Ticker Models For Your Finance Lab

Check The Ranges Of Ticker Models For Your Finance Lab

June 22, 2021 16:16

We all are living in an era where information dissemination in minimum possible time and keeping ourselves up-to –the minute is the need of the hour. The market is turning to be very dynamic and in order keep ourselves up to date with these changes it is important that we get accustomed to technologies which can help us run our business profitably.

Talking about the dynamism of the market, the stock market is the most dynamic one and keeps on changing every second. Hence, there is a need of the device which can help us understand how the stock market is performing, when to invest and where to invest. Stock ticker has emerged as a great way to help up understand stock market and keep ourselves running with the pace of changing stock market.

Stock ticker tapes have a long history; its earlier form included long strips of paper on which stock information was printed. The machine that printed the information made ticker sound which led to the nomenclature of ticker tapes.  However,now we have travelled long in time and have seen the invention of new technologies that have completely transformed various devices, ticker tapes are no different; as compared to their earlier forms today we have LED stock ticker tapes wherein the information is displayed using LEDs and it works in real-time.  This means that every information gets updated without any time lag, this becomes extremely useful especially if talk about the stock market. It is a very dynamic market where even the slightest of change can affect the whole economy and hence, there it is always important that ticker tapes are placed in all places where people are directly working in stock market or its allied services.

What makes stock ticker so vital?

As already mentioned, LED stock ticker mentions information related stock market. What makes them unique are its special features like:

  • They are LED illuminated which means information is strikingly visible.
  • They work in real-time which means that every information is updated time to time.
  • They are highly energy efficient
  • LED stock ticker tapes are highly customizable, they can be easily designed in the shape and size required by the client.
  • They require lesser maintenance and hence, are highly cost-effective.
  • Finally, they are available in different formats which make it of high aesthetic value.

Advantages of LED stock tapes:

  • Firstly, LED ticker tapes are available in a single color, two-color, and multicolour format. The different colour coding makes it easy for the brokers to gauge overall market scenario and take decision accordingly.
  • It helps technical analyst to evaluate stock behaviour.
  • As compared to present scenario, earlier technology was not this advanced and brokers who had offices near to the stock exchange could take advantage of the receiving latest information and the brokers who were located in far off locations could not reap the benefits but with the advent of technology, today it has become easier to keep pace with changing information.

Colour guide of LED stock ticker:

On many TV channels you would have observed various strips scrolling at the bottom or at the top of your TV screen these are stock ticker tapes, TV channels use specific color coding pattern which is as follows:

  • Green – This shows that a particular stock is trading at a higher price as compared to previous day.
  • Red- This shows that stock is trading at a lower price as compared to previous day.
  • White or blue- This shows that there is no change in the stock price and it is trading at the same price.

In the modern competitive world, it is important that companies should invest in stock ticker tapes as they are needed to keep ourselves moving along with the change. To know more about LED stock ticker tapes log on to tickerplay.com

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