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Canada Will Invest In New Safety Features For Decrease The Crash Rate

Canada Will Invest In New Safety Features For Decrease The Crash Rate

June 22, 2021 16:16

According to news Vancouver

Early on data collected by the region shows that crash rates increased in almost half of the sections of highways, where the pace limit was hiked two years ago. Because of the boost in crashes in 42 percent of the original speed zones, the province announced it will put in new safety features in those areas. Features include better signage, new rumble strips, wildlife detection systems and better markings on the road. The statistics also showed that the crash rate increased in seven sections where the pace had increased, but drivers were travelling slower than the posted limit at the time of the crash. This suggests that there are many different factors that can lead to crashes and speed is merely one of them; Weather, traffic, alcohol, driving error, wild animals and unfocused driving were reasons behind the crashes where drivers were travelling slowly through new speed zones.

Effective Devices to reduce the crash rate

Rumble strips

These are grooves or rows of indents in the roadway designed to alert distracted drivers through noise and vibration and reduce the number of accidents.  A rumble strip is applied next to the direction of travel following an edge line or centerline, to aware drivers when they drift from their track. Rumble strips may also be installed in a series across the direction of travel, to inform drivers of a stop or slowdown to the lead, or of an imminent danger spot.

Better signage for better visibility

The functionality of traffic signs depends on their visibility and recognizability during daytime and night-time.  During the day this requires that the mark face and symbol colors are not dull in such a way that it becomes impossible to recognize the message that the sign is trying to deliver. Additionally, during night-time, the sign should be able to reflect the light from the headlights of an imminent vehicle back to the driver of that motor vehicle. This requires that traffic signs are maintained on a usual basis and replaced moreover once their visual performance begins to fall below the desired level or in case of damage to the signs

Wildlife detection system to detect wildlife

On the highways some special looking signs and equipment being installed at the side of the road, these are the new high-tech wildlife detection systems to keep both motorists and wildlife safe. When large animals approach the highway, sensors will detect their movements and trigger flashing warning signs telling drivers to slow down and help to hit animals.

Improved marking on roads

In many instances road markings are as vital as road signs, contributing information about the roads being traveled and the actions drivers should or should not be taking. Retro reflective road markings bounce light from a vehicle's headlights back towards the vehicle and the driver's eyes, meaning that signs and markings become visibly brighter and easier to see and read.

Efficient Radar speed signs

Radar speed signs are efficient in slowing cars down, mainly with today's highly visual, often distracted drivers.  Speed radar display signs have been exposed to slow drivers an average of 10%, usually for several miles.

Programmable LED signs

Programmable LED sign is an electronic sign that you can easily program and change it anytime you want and it helps a lot on roads to reduce rate. The latest trend in the modern era of displaying critical information are these LED ticker tapes units that could be mounted virtually anywhere one could think and could display information on LED display which helps out motorists to be updated and can reduce the crash rate on roads.

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