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America’s Outdoor Digital Signage Umbrella Is the Speed of Technology

America’s Outdoor Digital Signage Umbrella Is the Speed of Technology

June 22, 2021 16:16

New York City saw the pedestrians taking shelter under a large digital Umbrella collectively. American Standard’s, a kitchen and bath company did it well to bring in the pedestrians on the same pedestal under a large digital umbrella.

This happened on an intersection considered to be one of the busiest intersections through Outdoor America’s revamped digital displays, considering this as one of the major means of display and attracting people for a common cause.

This digital signage also gave prominent updates pertaining to the launch of a new interactive and digital out of home ad campaign to reach out to customers. This happened on the busiest intersection in the city in Times Square with a very innovative and creative ad campaign to increase awareness for the company’s kitchen and bath faucet business.

While use of virtual reality was majorly the way of interaction with the people on the streets, this looks synonymous and aligns itself with the highly innovative and cutting edge led display system available to serve the purpose of creating relevant business environment.

World Requiring Real Time Updates and News on Business Environment

The world requiring real time updates and news on business environment led ticker tape displays come in handy and are imperative to get real time updates in business environment on money oscillating in the market. This has certainly kept everyone updated and moving in the same direction in the event in Times Square, as far as the way of ad campaign using technology is concerned, the stacked digital screen in combination with CCOA’s HD crowd and American Standard’s faucet video allows pedestrians to share images of themselves along with their new friends. This model of out of home ad campaign brought in thought of using led display for such events to make it more interactive and real time with creativity and innovative ways of serving the purpose is involved. Outdoor digital displays in these kinds of ad campaigns and in requirements of getting real time updates of the business market become absolutely imperative, with huge scope of customization involved as well.

Why Stock exchange data is absolutely important?

Stock exchange data which is absolutely important for stock brokers as they need constant real time updates on the share prices and the market in it, can be easily tracked through these led displays. Led Stock Ticker give real time figures on market behavior, share and business environment and has been in use for a while now.

Ticker platform being a highly customizable platform also has options to integrate with any third party data like Bloomberg and Reuters. It is even flexible to the extent of getting easily integrated with any third party software. There are various hardware specifications which can be rigid as well as flexible chassis. It depends on the kind of usage and requirement that should be kept in mind using such devices. These devices use state of the art communicating systems which allow multi server communication to fetch data to whichever server whenever required. While these led displays do good to give real time updates on the market, they have also found their way in being used in events as in Times Square.

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