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Advertising using Programmable LED signs and Scrolling LED signs

Advertising using Programmable LED signs and Scrolling LED signs

June 22, 2021 16:16

The name itself says, the LED Ticker Tapes that can be programmed to display a theme for a specific period of time. The programmable LED signs are the extension version of scrolling LED signs. The concept of the logic remains the same yet the end output differs to a large extent. With the boost in campaigns to fight against plastic, the use of the LED became quite prevalent. The amount spent on a huge plastic hoarding would definitely not buy you an LED sign of the similar size but you might be able to get a much effective version of advertising your theme. The plastic hoarding maintained by the advertising agencies would be renewed after certain period of time but the Programmable LED signs are designed in such a way that these can be used for a varied number of times without any glitch. The usage of the programmable LED signs is not a tough task, the programming can be made very simple and every ordinary person can re-write the code to make the necessary changes.

The scrolling LED signs are a mini version of the Programmable LED signs. The scrolling LED signs are also programmed to display a certain theme but only limited functionalities can be setup using the scrolling LED signs. A heavy graphic note can also be displayed on the programmable LED sign with a great ease. These LED signs can also display mini videos on a larger scale by integrating a number LEDs together. The latest technology embedded in the television also uses the concept of LEDs. The usage of the LED is predominantly because of the features they establish like they are highly durable under severe weather conditions, also they can be used and re-used for any number of times, and they are very cost effective. As already spelt about the cost, the amount spent on the LED sign is very economic compared to that of the amount spent on other modes of advertisements.

There are some other key spots where the usage of scrolling and programmable LED prevalent. For Example, many stores previously had a plate written OPEN/CLOSE on it but now they have been replaced by the scrolling LEDs to the same message. Not only at the stores but also at schools, students are notified about the schedules and also these are nowadays employed in displaying the destinations at metro stations and also these have a central role in displaying the content in an organized manner. Generally, if any Light emitting objects  like the tube light is used to display a content then there would be some glare when glanced from a distant place but the concern is not seen in the case with the usage of the Scrolling LED sign or the Programmable LED signs.

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