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Ticker Display: Streaming Custom-made Messages in Varied Architectural Design Atmospheres

Ticker Display: Streaming Custom-made Messages in Varied Architectural Design Atmospheres

September 21, 2022 07:43

In today’s well-connected digital world, people have started using technology as an effective and efficient business tool. A ticker display grabs the attention of all when it comes to adopting the most dynamic way to reach out to a large customer base. Technology has progressed well over the past 2 decades providing a lot of revolutionary solutions. The ever-lowering prices of digital display solutions have proven to be the best choice for different businesses and industries to market their products and services. 

Innovative display solutions for a wide range of businesses and ventures  

Gone are the days when LED stock ticker tapes and displays were used by only a few institutions and businesses to display activities including news headlines, sports scores, and financial and stock price data. But today, these innovative display solutions have grabbed the attention of different businesses. Some of them include the following:



        Finance Labs

        Stock Brokerage Firms

        Business Schools

        Wealth Management Firms

        Investment Firms

        Share Traders

        Trading Labs

        Sports Bars

        Corporate Floors

        Stock Exchanges

        Showrooms, and


A significant part of the digital signage marketing strategy


An LED ticker display is considered to be a significant complement to the digital signage marketing strategy of any business. These display solutions are not only unique in appearance and appeal but also in color ranges and brightness. The main catch lies in their capability of movement which captures the attention of onlookers within seconds even if they don’t seem to be interested in looking at them. As said earlier, as a business owner you can broadcast through them a large number of promotional and informational messages other than just sports and stock information. 


Go custom-made messages in varied architectural design atmospheres

What’s more, with these tickers in place, you can also stream a large number of your custom-made messages in varied architectural design atmospheres. These days, with the availability of so many user-friendly browser-based software solutions, you can also input all your custom-created messages and pieces of information either to effectively showcase a new product or welcome any distinguished guest or delegation – all through your smartphone. These days, so many businesses are also streaming their Twitter Feed to promote their products and services. The Twitter feed can make your moving display more popular, interactive, and interesting.  


Some major benefits of LED Tickers at a glance 

Apart from looking charming and pretty cool, LED tickers come with a large number of benefits and advantages. Some of them include the following:


        Digital display solutions are the best way to inform, attract, and educate your audience 

        You can target any specific group of the target audience by creating a fully personalized message

        You can target different segments – visitors, clients, and prospects in a single effort

        You can save plenty of space while getting strikingly visible from a long distance

        You can bring down your marketing budgets by working on strategic whiteboards, static signs, and posters.


LED tickers can be programmed with full potential for customization 

Created to maximize the visibility of your business, products, and services, an attractive LED board can turn your business information into an alluring, truly live, and attention-grabbing message. With the full potential of customization, these tickers can also be programmed as required to be constantly moving at all times which in turn attracts more eyeballs toward the messages displayed and the information broadcasted. Apart from this, LED ticker displays can be made flexible as per the requirements and they can practically fit any kind of shape and size according to the space and dimension available.  

Although LED tickers have various conventional applications, they can also be put into use as per the specific communication strategy taking advantage of the technological advancements. No matter whether your ticker display is curved into a circular organization, hanging from a wall in a straight line, or recessed into a wall as an out-of-the-box design, your message will attract clients, visitors, and prospects round the clock. 


Some reasons why different businesses and industries these days use LED ticker displays 



LED ticker displays can grab the attention of people more effectively than conventional banners. The alluring visual details supported by graphics attract strong focus even from a long distance. This type of new-age display not only helps in creating a positive brand image but also generates the desired awareness about the brand. 

Remain in the public eye, always

Be it a product or any service, remaining in the public eye matters more than anything else. The proverb – out of sight out of mind – applies to all businesses and market concepts. Digital mediums like ticker displays are a part and parcel of the strategy furnished to remain in the public eye.

A large number of choices

LED ticker displays come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and dimensions which you can choose as per the suitability of your business or profession. You can keep the configuration as flat as a simple and static signboard or complex and varied as much as you want. As a business, you can also choose many screens to showcase either the same or different content pieces enjoying an array of options.

Low maintenance costs

Every information display source comes at a price. It might be huge or small. But when it comes to maintenance, LED displays don’t call for any significant cost and are created to even withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Ecologically friendly

LED ticker displays work in a completely paperless environment and are therefore environment-friendly. They consume the least possible electricity creating almost no load on the national power grid.

Concluding Remarks 

If you use attention-getting LED Tickers, you will have surprising benefits of the advanced technology by getting the all-important live-streaming of crucial information well displayed as per your requirement. To serve your purpose, you can approach Ticker Play Systems - a pioneer in the field of LED tickers. The LED ticker tapes and displays offered by the company can be used on any suitable surface. Innovation is at the core of the company’s operating policy which results in excellent ideas that are later converted into actions. 

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