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Led ticker tapes from Tickerplay has indigenously served Wealth Management Firms in North America from the past 8 years covering some of the most big capital securities firms to small private wealth management firms.

Led Stock Tickers helps such firms in having up to date relevant information and current news regarding the latest happenings in the stock market industry as well as the surroundings which helps them in providing their clients and customers the best way to invest. Led ticker tapes not only educate clients and the firms but also helps in create a Wall street atmosphere with it beautiful aura encapsulating the atmosphere.

Wealth Management Firms can also integrate their own custom messages onto the ticker showing live announcements, news etc.

Tickerplay has carved out some really interesting models for wealth and capital investment firms. For complete range of our arsenals, kindly visit ticker-models.

With over 300+ installations and satisfied customers we provide custom made tailor solutions for indoor led ticker tapes. Our led tickers can be accustomed on any indoor surface as they are both mountable and hangable from any/to surface. Be it 90 degree turns, curved surface or even if you need a solution from us, Tickerplay’s engineer’s are always ready to help and provide you a perfect solution.

For complete installation guide, kindly move on to our downloads section.

Tickerplay provides the following standard solutions for wealth management firms:

  • Linear/ Straight
  • L Shape (with 90 degree turns) – Covering any 2 adjacent walls
  • C Shape (with 90 degree turns or curved turn) – Covering any 3 adjacent walls
  • U Shape (Curved Display) – Covering 3 walls
  • O Shape (with 90 degree turns or curved turn) – Covering all the 4 walls
  • Any custom project you may have

Have a look at our worldwide installation at gallery.

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