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Brokerage firms are one of a kind of firms commonly referred to as “financial institutions” which need live updates of the stock feed and commodities pricing for its buyers and sellers. So, a led stock ticker is a constant need of the hour for financial brokerage firms.

Led Stock Ticker Tapes from Tickerplay will not only provide you constant update of the stock market, but also helps in creating a soothing yet vibrant atmosphere for your prestigious clients and customers. Coming in various models, led tickers are differed with respect to their height and resolutions ranging from economical options to the most vibrant luxuriant ticker tape model. For complete range of our arsenals, kindly visit ticker-models.

Having overall installations of over 300+ led ticker tapes beaming all across the globe. Led stock tickers can be accustomed on any given surface of your brokerage office walls as well as galleries beaming out colors which makes this product absolutely amazing to watch. You have it curved, flexible or straight, our ticker tapes can fit anywhere. With our support and installation team on the go, we see to that our customers and clients maintain a happy face thereafter.

For complete installation guide, kindly move on to our downloads section.

Down the streets of Manhattan, we have almost covered each and every brokerage and investment firms. Beaming with pride, Tickerplay’s led stock tickers are definitely a worth to watch out for. Day traders can also feel the excitement going through them by installing one at their home or private office which eliminates the need of internet.

Tickerplay provides the following standard solutions for indoor:

  • Linear/ Straight
  • L Shape (with 90 degree turns) – Covering any 2 adjacent walls
  • C Shape (with 90 degree turns or curved turn) – Covering any 3 adjacent walls
  • U Shape (Curved Display) – Covering 3 walls
  • O Shape (with 90 degree turns or curved turn) – Covering all the 4 walls
  • Any custom project you may have

Have a look at our worldwide installation at gallery.

Salient features of Tickerpay’s Indoor led financial tickers :

  • Robust design
  • +7 years of rich experience
  • 7 years warranty (Best in Industry)
  • Higher Reliability: +20 years longevity of the product (Best in Industry)
  • U/L and ETL listed
  • Exotic bright Led’s
  • Custom cabinet options available
  • Custom solutions
  • Compatible with Real Time and Delayed Information
  • Affordable Variants
  • Wifi Option available
  • Leasing options available
  • Butter smooth streaming of equities, world indices, commodities, bonds, currencies on special exotic led’s
  • Full Color and Single Color
  • Installation on any indoor surface available
  • Best in class after sales support and customer service available 24/7.

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