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A vast area or space which is used to store products and display them for entertainment purpose and showing entertainment. Led ticker tapes have been adorning the showrooms for years in the form of stock, sports and news tickers. They beautify the atmosphere of the showrooms and the retail outlets.

Interior of the showrooms can be in any form as Tickerplay ticker’s can be adjusted in any surroundings. Installation is as easy to install a photoframe on a wall. Several showrooms across the globe has been using Tickerplay display various information such as news, stocks, custom messages as in live sale, happy hours etc. Customer can also display logos and images too.

Aesthetic value can be added to indoors and outdoors with Led Ticker Display Solutions. The ticker tapes we use are light weight, easily accessible and energy efficient which makes this a long term product for 20 straight years. Yes, you heard that right! Tickerplay provides best in class in warranty of 7 years in comparison with other companies providing it for 2-3 years only. Tickerplay has tickers for everyone’s need.

If you have a low budget, we have the perfect solution for you in terms of Economical model and for high budget customers, we have premium, elite and luxuriant models to choose from which are best in the industry with high resolution. Our ticker tapes are integratable with any type of data feed available.

Tickerplay provides the following standard solutions for Share Traders:  
  • Linear/ Straight
  • L Shape (with 90 degree turns) – Covering any 2 adjacent walls
  • C Shape (with 90 degree turns or curved turn) – Covering any 3 adjacent walls
  • U Shape (Curved Display) – Covering 3 walls
  • O Shape (with 90 degree turns or curved turn) – Covering all the 4 walls
  • Any custom project you may have

Have a look at our worldwide installation at gallery Also visit ticker-models.

For complete installation guide, kindly move on to our downloads section.


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Salient features of Tickerpay’s Showrooms led tickers :

  • Robust design
  • 7 years of rich experience
  • 7 years warranty (Best in Industry)
  • Higher Reliability: 20 years longevity of the product (Best in Industry)
  • U/L and ETL listed
  • Exotic bright Led’s
  • Custom cabinet options available
  • Custom solutions
  • Compatible with Real Time and Delayed Information
  • Affordable Variants
  • Wifi Option available
  • Leasing options available
  • Butter smooth streaming of equities, world indices, commodities, bonds, currencies on special exotic led’s
  • Full Color and Single Color
  • Installation on any indoor surface available
  • Best in class after sales support and customer service available 24/7.