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How Much Does an Outdoor LED Sign Cost?

In our experience, most businesses are interested in an illuminated sign that captures the attention of customers driving by.

Outdoor LED ticker display are displays which are used for providing live information relating to one field.

We understand the confusion. 2 quotes for the same sign can vary widely.  There are various rules that must be followed by every sign manufacturer:

  • The cost of a sign depends on its size and complexity. More complicated signs cost more.
  • Free-standing signs can vary from $150 to $400 per square foot depending on complexity.
  • The cost per square foot goes up with complexity, but goes down with size.

What do we mean by “complexity”? Complexity can be understood by upgrading from a fixed sign to a changeable letter sign to a sign with electronic messaging. Although complexity adds cost, it can improve your sign’s visibility, flexibility, and the perceived quality of your brand.

Indoor Tickers Display are used in office,colleges, malls, schools and so on. These  tickers tapes are used for displaying activities about that particular organization or firm such as in schools and colleges.

Still not sure what an outdoor business sign should cost? Here are some examples you can use as a guide.

A $5,000 Sign

This 5×7’ monument sign as shown is constructed of industrial-grade aluminum with either acrylic panels or a combination of vinyl lettering & digitally printed graphics. This sign is able to provide many years of service before any maintenance is required. It is double sided, so it can be seen by cars traveling in both directions. Cost is kept down by using ground-mounted indirect lighting.

A $10,000 Sign

 A 6×8′ double-sided pylon sign is larger and taller, that’s why it needs bigger footings and support columns to handle the additional wind-load. It features extruded aluminum construction and hinged face frames for ease of maintenance. In cold weather states, this sign would be internally lighted with T12 cold weather, fluorescent lamps powered by energy-efficient electronic ballasts. The faces are digitally printed in full color on vinyl with a 3/16” thick Lexan backing. They can easily be replaced if the business name changes or the building gets a new tenant. The bottom half of the sign has 3 tracks for 6” changeable copy letters.

A $28,000 Sign

This 10×7’ tall double-sided, internally-lit sign is also fabricated from aluminum, but has many custom features. This makes use of internal LED lighting, and real bowling balls. The stone-effect base is value engineered from aluminum covered with digitally printed vinyl to give an upscale look at a lower cost than real masonry.

An additional upgrade could be remote off-site access to allow one operator to change the text or video on signs at multiple store locations.

What is Included in the price of a sign?

Regardless of the price, all of the features below are included in the cost of a business sign:

  • Local codes must be checked before the design process starts
  • Professional design by sign designers that understand readability at different traffic speeds & distances
  • Detailed proposals with all specifications clearly listed
  • A dedicated permitting department insures full code compliance and all required inspections
  • Installation by sign technicians that hold State of Michigan Sign Specialists Licenses
  • All backed up by a warranty to give piece of mind
Led Ticker Tape

Led Outdoor Displays And Signage: A New Era In Advertising

As you all know that technology plays an important role in our daily lives.  It changes our life in all aspects. In other words, we can say that it makes human life easy and simple.

Let’s talk about how it makes an impact on the mode of advertising.

Advertising plays a huge impact, which will lead your business to the next level. Moreover, Advertising especially depends on how can you advertise your products to your customers. Well, nowadays LED display steps forward from every mode of the advertising system. This is the best way to communicate and extend audience. Multi-functional, multi-dimensional and customized LED displays have given your business, a new opportunity to inform and attract their customers.

It gives you a platform to connect customers to your brand. This mode of advertising is convenient, affordable and very easy to set up. You don’t have any type of limit to give add in particular location these screens can be moved in different positions and locations as per your needs. This way of advertising comes with digital images, audios, videos, 24/7 hours headlines on tv which is very catchy and get highlights from a huge distance.

If  we talk about this mode of advertisement, it comes with two types of displays:

  • Outdoor Led ticker display.
  • Indoor ticker display.

Outdoor Led ticker display, It is mostly used by news channels, newspaper firms, and other media companies to update their information continuously. As you can see in news channels, there is long strip moving on their screen either at the bottom as well as at the top of the screen. It helps to broadcast every news 24*7. Same thing happens in Entertainment sector has everyone want to know about the changes and everything.  Outdoor Led ticker display helps to broadcast information continuously for people’s. This technology also makes your location a landmark, as this may inform you with news headlines, entertain with sports scores, movie reviews, informs you about share market through the ticker tapes which you can find on streets, roads and on buildings, a digital headline is moving on the screen.  These displays are very effective in terms of information broadcast with its high energy efficiency, robust design and clear visibility even from the long distance

In the case of Indoor ticker display, these mobiles LED comes with lots of stored features that are best to enhance the outdoor display experience, as compared to earlier modes of advertising like Banners, and painted boards. You can apply these display in impressive and astonishing ways and because they are portable and can be displayed anywhere like parks, market, Crowdy area, in the exhibition, on highways, toll barriers and in traffic lights etc. This is the best and affordable way of advertisement which attracts more peoples as compared to other modes of the advertising system.


  • You can see everywhere that Banners and board get fainted and get broken easily because of weather conditions.
  • These LED can be used in harsh weather condition and even in bright sunlight.
  • Because of higher brightness level, it can be easily visible to everybody in broad daylight also.
  • With the help of this type of advertising technique, you can give better presentation value and color output as they are of high resolution and frequency.
  • Clear and sharp display attract the viewers towards you.
  • It has great stability and readability.

This mode of advertising becomes the best outdoor and indoor advertising system in the whole world. Countries like China, Japan, Korea, USA adopted this way of advertisement since many years ago.