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Led Ticker Tape


LED ticker tapes have become a common scene around, you can find them in office, restaurant, at the railway station, on television and also at home. Owing to the multitude of benefit which these ticker tapes can offer they have received unprecedented success amongst those who wish to keep themselves updated with latest news and updates without digging their eyes on the television screen.

The best part about LED ticker tape is that they are highly customizable products which means that they can be used to display various type of information starting from news feed, stock market update, sports update etc.

The sole objective of having ticker tape is that one can see myriads of information in one go and RSS ticker tape are one such product which has become very popular these days. You can feed news from various media channels and get it installed on your desktop.

Another variation that we have in ticker tapes is the LED twitter ticker, where you can get twitter updates. But, before heading further and understanding how does it work, let’s first understand what LED twitter ticker is and what are its benefits?

LED twitter ticker

The LED Display is an interactive way to communicate with the views. It gets updated with the latest tweet and works in real-time. It’s an entertaining way to keep people informed and you can see many of these placed in the public location. The content on the screen can be controlled and managed via smartphone or laptop or PC.


Twitter is a popular way to interact with people and for business, it is a great medium to understand what the customers feel about their product and services. Moreover, having the twitter feeds displayed on largely LED twitter ticker can help in establishing a personal connection with the viewers and customers. Moreover, it can be used to keep the people informed about the new promotional schemes, offers etc.

How does it work?

The next question that might be pondering in the minds of many is how does this whole thing work?

You can run through the content for twitter ticker display from any of the following g source:

  • Customized messages
  • Sports
  • Finance
  • News
  • Entertainment
  • RSS etc.

In order to display Twitter content, it’s important that you must set up Twitter connection from the Ticker setting and then add your account.

  • To set up your account you need to click on the Cog icon present next to the ticker.
  • Then you need to select the Twitter connection field. In the tab, it is “Not Authorized” you need to change it to Authorized.
  • Now enter the username and password of your Twitter account or for the account you want the twitter to be displayed. The click the Authorize app button.
  • The click on the back button
  • Now click on the name of the LED ticker you wish to authorize
  • Add the twitter content and you are good to go.
Led Ticker Tapes

LED Twitter Ticker Display for Indoor and Outdoor Usage

The interactivity of the digital LED signs comprises a variety of dedicated LED Twitter Ticker Display. It can creek live Twitter feeds consuming a large setup LED Twitter ticker. Those show Tweets in real time, in large, creating dynamic, audacious scrolling text, consideration grabbing program in office, retail, leisure or entertaining environments.

Twitter is an enormously popular source of info and communication for both businesses and consumers, allowing operators to connect through companies, brands also events in actual time. Appropriate for indoor or outdoor usage, Twitter Ticker tape Display are accessible in a range of dimensions and colors or can be custom prepared to suit separate requirements.

Promptly connect with visitors, staff or customers by distribution your company’s Twitter tributary to bring them news and offers, or usage as an internal or incident communications channel to broadcast important info widely and through speed.

Twitter ticker displays offer an active messaging medium which works well in financial, retail, office, event, built-up and information surroundings to capture care and provide info updates, making a valuable resource cross ways a range of submissions.

Managing the twitter feed show couldn’t be relaxed. Content can be measured from a smartphone (access can be limited). Tweet, retweet or modified messages from everywhere at any time.

A countless range of normal displays are accessible with specials constructed to any message height or length, comprising optional angled, circular or curved displays.

In today’s Twitter group, many brands in addition to retailers not just custom Twitter, but also promote their existence on websites, in e-mail news sheets and via extra promotional supplies. Those businesses looking to actually feature their Twitter existence in lights will need to consider the LED signs.

Many company makes one-line LED signs which display tweets as of a Twitter account in led news ticker tape. The 26 x 4 symbols cost a reasonable amount (there is a business program for unpackaged pricing) and can be equestrian to the wall or refreshed upright on a shelf or table.

These companies use tweets as scrolling text, creating them a relaxed way to show your Twitter existence to store patrons or passersby. Though likely additional retail suitable, they could also create for handy accompaniments to offices, newsrooms, conferences, parties, bars, or even the bedrooms of Twitter-gripped geeks.

Through Twitter becoming a frequently accessed source of info for both customers and business groups, users are connecting with concerns, brands also events in actual time. There are a crowd of applications for this Twitter ticker displays as a domestic communications station to disseminate significant information extensively and through speed; to relay optimistic customer comments plus endorsements back to your employee; and several more.

You can follow what public are saying about your products, company, or event by succeeding the newest chatter on Twitter. Just enter your pursuit criteria and catch the latest tweets exact on your LED ticker in actual.

If you really want to show statistics advertisements, and advertising, ribbon displays are here for you. Also, named as Ribbon displays, those linear displays are beneficial in sidelines, end zones, fascias, building exteriors plus 360 degree or curled applications.

LED Twitter Ticker Display is becoming a very popular among the really works well. Any of the presentations like sports ticker or stock ticker or news ticker or twitter ticker can be fixed in vertical manner line up to your space restraints or as it is necessary.

In today’s fast stepped society, a LED News Ticker is a rapid and easy method to stay latest with the up-to-date headlines. You can choice from general Reuters news stories otherwise select your personal RSS feed to creek on Ticker display. Those can even be located at the receptions of business firms feeding corporate newsflash on regular base.