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Tickerplay Inc. is among the pioneers in led ticker industry. Led ticker tapes are an epitome of beauty. Our led ticker tapes can be accustomed on any surface available. For complete installation guide, kindly move on to our downloads(hyperlink) section.

From the beginning, Tickerplay was based on basic principles and ethics which helped us in building great ideas and implementing them on our products. We are constantly aware of nurturing our relationships with our customers in a healthy manner.

Our management, which is the nucleus of Tickerplay enables a passion of customer satisfaction, innovation, sublime motivation into our employees who make sure that we are on par with just any other Fortune 500 Company!  

At Tickerplay, we are not just sustained just with our businesses towards our client, instead we focus highly on responsibilities which extend when we serve our customers with high end solutions. That’s why we have succeeded in establishing a name for us in such a short era where other major players have failed to do so.

We have a highly desired and robust skilled workforce recruited from the finest of institutions around the globe and nurtured immensely who bring in a clan of professionalism towards their work method approach.

Tickerplay provides it’s tickers with the best in class warranty of 7 years and the lifelong of above 20 years, our tickers are currently among the best present in the industry.

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We provide customized cabinet options available in any shape and size. Our best in class after sales and service supports which are available 24/7 enabled Tickerplay to be customer’s prominent choice to be ticker provider. For more information on our standard models, kindly visit ticker-models(hyperlink).

We have our best in class engineers and developers who are constantly innovating and developing robust products and tailor made solutions for our customers. We give solutions to your problems!